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Are You Looking for a Hospice Care Provider?

Are You Looking for a Hospice Care Provider?

The need for dependable and compassionate care is crucial when our loved ones are diagnosed with terminal illnesses. There are many care providers that you can choose from. Here in LA, you have our Assure Hospice Care team.

But how do you know if you’ve found the best hospice care provider? What factors should you look for? The following items will answer these questions.

  • Medicare Certification

    Hospice care services are mostly covered by Medicare. Look for a hospice care provider that accepts Medicare-covered patients. This is important especially if your loved one is qualified for this government benefit. The Medicare certification also ensures compliance of government standards when it comes to caring for hospice patients.

  • State Survey

    Hospice care agencies undergo surveys from the state or federal oversight agency. Inquire about their last survey and how the deficiencies, if any were found, were addressed.

  • Care Accommodation

    It is also ideal for you to know where the agency providing hospice in Los Angeles, California is extending its service. Do they serve at the patient’s home, in a nursing home, or in their own care facility? Your loved one may prefer to receive hospice care at home, and this should be considered.

  • Certified Staff

    Learn about the staff who will be attending your loved one. Inquire if they have garnered the skills necessary to meet your loved one’s end-of-life needs.

  • Staff Availability

    Hospice care will most likely be a 24/7 need. You have to know if the hospice care staff can respond to these calls anytime of the day or week. It is ideal to partner with hospice care providers who are ready to aid you during very crucial moments.

The above-mentioned items are only the some of the major considerations when looking for the best hospice care agency. Do consider this list when you know someone who needs palliative care in California. Hospice patients deserve experienced staff and a compassionate level of attention. For more inquiries on hospice care, ask us!

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