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What Is Bereavement Counseling?

What Is Bereavement Counseling?

Grief, pain, and the other emotions that come with the process of accepting a loss of a loved one will always be different for everyone.

No matter how different, however, the members of the family and other loved ones are guaranteed to benefit from bereavement counseling. This is a service commonly offered as part of hospice in Los Angeles, California, such as Assure Hospice Care.

But what is bereavement counseling and what does it entail?

Put simply, bereavement counseling is an intervention aimed at helping those who were left behind in dealing with their feelings and come out of the experience positively, that is, full of understanding, acceptance, and with renewed hopefulness.

At its core, the service is driven by compassionate care. And depending on the help needed, the intervention can utilize simple strategies such as compassionate listening to more complex ones such as therapies.

It can be done by self-help groups, a clergy member, a professional counselor, and even a trained volunteer through in-house visits and virtually through phone calls, instant messaging, and e-mails. This can also be offered by way of support groups if the arrangement works for you. Depending on your needs, bereavement services can be extended for several months to a year and even more after the patient’s death.

Ask your provider if they offer this service as different providers of end-of-life care offer different types of hospice services. Your provider may offer palliative care in California, while another provider may focus on general, end-of-life inpatient care.

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