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Bereavement Counseling: The Ways It Can Help You

Bereavement Counseling: The Ways It Can Help You

Processing the loss of a loved one isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be. The most common emotions we feel following the demise of someone close to our heart—sadness, guilt or regret, anger, shock, and even numbness—don’t just ebb and flow. Just like how your loved one benefited from palliative care in California, you can benefit from professional interventions during this time, too.

This intervention can come in the form of bereavement or grief counseling. This type of counseling, the same one we offer at our hospice in Los Angeles, California, aims at helping the bereaved process the feelings with losing a loved one and guiding them to come out of their experience with understanding and acceptance. Specifically, it helps with:

  • Validating the feelings of the bereaved.

    Feeling guilty to express loneliness, shock, or numbness upon losing a loved one is common. You may feel that you have no right to feel the way you do because others have it worse. You may also feel that you’re not expressing devastation enough. With bereavement counseling, you can have a safe and non-judgmental space to fully let out your feelings where you are assured of compassionate care.

  • Understanding the grieving process.

    While grieving usually revolves around the emotions of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, it’s also that one that is experienced differently by everyone. The progression of the pain of loss to resolution is not straightforward; for some, grief can show up to a few weeks later while others may appear to have accepted what happened only to fall back to feeling anger a month later. Our bereavement counseling at Assure Hospice Care can help grieve in the healthiest way possible, in your own terms.

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