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Cancer & Hospice: When Is the Right Time?

Cancer & Hospice: When Is the Right Time?

Finding out that you or your loved one has cancer can be emotional and overwhelming. During this difficult time, hospice can help.

Hospice care for cancer patients is a special kind of care that provides support, comfort, and dignity at the end of life. At Assure Hospice Care, a trusted provider of hospice in Los Angeles, California, we care for the whole person. We address physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs, ensuring that our clients get the best care possible.

  • Hospice and Cancer: How Can It Help?

    Despite your doctor’s best efforts, treatments may stop working or remission may no longer be possible. During this difficult time, let us be there to help you and your family.

    Research has shown that patients and families who make use of hospice services enjoy a higher quality of life than those who don’t. Our hospice team can help control the effects of cancer on your body, mind, and spirit so that you can maintain your dignity and stay as comfortable and pain-free as possible. You and your family will be asked what matters the most to you and an individualized plan of care will be developed to meet your requests and needs.

    Using hospice care for a cancer patient means that you will be supported, cared for, and surrounded by comfort and compassionate care in your final months, weeks, or days. Through our hospice care, we make sure that you get the most out of the remaining time that you and your family has together.

  • When Is the Right Time for Hospice?

    A common question asked by those considering hospice care for cancer is, “when is the right time?” The answer to this important question is now. If you are asking this question, you or your loved one may already be eligible for hospice care.

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