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Differentiating Palliative Care from Hospice

Differentiating Palliative Care from Hospice

Palliative care and hospice are both intended for individuals facing serious or terminal illnesses. They may be availed in a variety of settings, depending on the preferences of beneficiaries. Both forms of care may be received in hospitals, nursing homes, community facilities, or at the homes of beneficiaries. A network of medical and care professionals attends to recipients of both palliative care and hospice, and this includes doctors, nurses, home health aides, and caregivers.

The differences between the two, however, concern treatment and cure. According to the National Institute on Aging, the alleviation of symptoms and effects are performed in palliative care, and this is coupled with the continued treatment of the beneficiaries’ conditions in the hopes of recovery. Although the alleviation of symptoms and effects are likewise done in hospice, there is an understanding that recipients of this form of care are dealing with incurable illnesses. The treatment of the conditions or diseases is discontinued and what is instead carried out is “end-of-life” care.

If you have loved ones facing serious or terminal illnesses, consult with their doctors as to which form of care would be suitable for their conditions. Whichever form of care your loved ones need, it is offered by Assure Hospice Care, an agency that offers both palliative care and hospice in Los Angeles, California.

The agency’s staff of professionals aim to provide compassionate care for your loved ones in their time of need. They guarantee no less than excellent and efficient care delivered with kindness and a heart for service.

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