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Hospice Care: How to Make Use of Your Medicare Benefit

Hospice Care: How to Make Use of Your Medicare Benefit

Hospice care services are prescribed for patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Under this care, a patient’s condition has reached a point that it may no longer be curable. Hospice services are provided by care professionals whose main objective is to provide compassionate care in addressing the patient’s wellbeing, which includes their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

A patient can be eligible for Medicare, which means that the government shoulders the expenses of his care until his end of life or when he and his family decide to stop receiving hospice care.

However, for a patient to qualify for Medicare benefits for hospice in Los Angeles, California, he needs to meet certain requirements that include the following:

  • The patient must also have qualified under Medicare Part A, which is the insurance for hospitalization.
  • The patient must have certification from their physician that they are already in a terminal condition and their prognosis is at six months or less.
  • The patient must receive hospice care from a hospice care provider that is approved by Medicare.
  • Patient (or his legally designated guardian) must have decided to receive palliative and hospice care with a statement confirming such decision.

If your patient is qualified to receive Medicare benefits for hospice and/or palliative care in California, some aspects of the services are covered in part by Medicare, and these include:

  • Fees for the doctor’s services
  • Care services extended by the assigned nurse
  • Medical equipment especially those that aid mobility such as wheelchairs
  • Medications that control pain
  • Nutritional program
  • Homemaking assistance
  • Therapy services that include physical and occupational therapy
  • References provided by social workers
  • Counseling for grief and loss
  • In-patient care to manage symptoms and pains
  • Other hospice services that are covered by Medicare

Visit your nearest Medicare office to inquire about your loved one’s eligibility or to start processing for benefits.

If you also have further inquiries about hospice, our team at Assure Hospice Care is ready to supply you with the relevant answers. Furthermore, share this post to help others become more aware.

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