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How to Move on When Caregiving Ends

How to Move on When Caregiving Ends

The reality of the end is familiar to us who are providing hospice in Los Angeles, California. Yet, even with this familiarity, we are still gripped with grief when the person we are caring for reaches their life’s end. We know that this grief also happens to every family caregiver.

Caregiving, even in the hospice stage, can be very demanding and yet fulfilling. So, family caregivers can feel both grief and relief when their loved one transitions to the next life. For some, it can be difficult to move forward when their caregiving role has wrapped up.

Are you in this situation? Do you know someone who is? Then these recommended steps for moving on can help.

  • Seek Grief Support

    Talk with counselors from agencies that provide hospice and palliative care in California. You need to be able to pour out your innermost thoughts and feelings about your loved one’s passing so you can grieve in a meaningful way.

  • Release Guilty Feelings

    If you need to write an apology letter to your loved one, do it. Yet, also trust that they have forgiven you so you can forgive yourself.

  • Validate Grief and Relief

    Feeling grief and relief at the same time should remind you that your loved one is in a better place. These emotions are normal so don’t beat yourself up for feeling these things.

  • Focus on Good Memories

    Make a decision to focus on all the good things that happened to you as a result of caring for them.

  • Volunteer

    When you volunteer your time and compassionate care, you can channel the realizations and learnings to others. You can volunteer in a hospice care center, nursing home, or wherever volunteers are needed.

Indeed, end-of-life caregiving will end. Yet, before that happens, you can rely on us at Assure Hospice Care to support you in your loved one’s journey.

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