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Little-Known Facts About Receiving Hospice Care

Little-Known Facts About Receiving Hospice Care

Are you thinking of securing hospice care for your loved one? You probably already have a good idea of what goes behind this type of care.

But as a provider of hospice in Los Angeles, California, we say that there is always room for more information to help with your decision making. Here are some facts about receiving hospice care you may not have known about:

  • It’s primarily teamwork

    A hospice care team doesn’t work alone. For the duration of their compassionate care service, the team, which may be composed of a nurse, physician, social worker, hospice aid, and even a chaplain, works closely with the patient and his/her family. Aside from making regular care visits, they also train and educate the family so they can be an effective support system and to help them cope with the inevitable passing of their loved one.

  • Hospice care is not the same as palliative care

    While both are meant to bring comfort and relief, palliative care in California is all about easing the pain and managing the symptoms of patients who have serious but not life-threatening conditions. Hospice care, on the other hand, is end-of-the-life care for patients who are not expected to recover from their condition.

  • Most patients do not have out-of-pocket expenses

    Major insurances, such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as most private insurances, cover the entirety of hospice care plans; this includes regular visits to their home or their place of choice to the medications and equipment they need.

Count on Assure Hospice Care to be there for your ailing loved ones and your family’s hospice care needs, don’t hesitate to seek our help today!

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